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Life’s Encore Planning’s role in successful aging is to serve older adults and those who support them to stay in their homes as long as possible,

safely and with Peace of Mind.

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Navigating Challenging Conversations

“Using empathy and understanding for discussing care and

independence with Aging Loved Ones."

Why is it so important?

This will be one of the most important conversations you will ever have with them. This is so those involved know the wishes of and the plans in place for their loved ones and their support team. If a loved one is diagnosed with a cognitive impairment, they may not be able to authorize their chosen person to speak or act for them. Life will be so much easier if this happens before a personal or medical situation presents itself.

There are consequences to delaying this conversation

My family had not discussed my loved ones’ wishes so we were ill-prepared when health issues presented themselves. I was managing my business full-time and had a son in middle school, which included carpooling, and volunteering. I thankfully have an incredibly supportive husband. Those of us in this situation are called the “Sandwich Generation;” caring for our children and aging loved ones.


What would happen if you walked out of your home with just 2 suitcases and left everything behind?

"I'm in the hospital can you help"? This is the call I received from my client more than once.

"Of course, I am here for you" was my answer each time although how many more times could my client go through this?

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The Flintmont Story

I contacted the client's son and he and my client

decided the best option was to move his father to

the city where he lives.

"Let me handle this for you", I said. You can't do

this two states away. "Sounds good" was all I

needed to hear and so the planning and project

management began.

His home needed to be downsized and readied for

sale. All his remaining belongings would have to

be shipped to his new home and the house sold.

We also needed to find new homes for his three


All this was coordinated and

completed without the client

having to worry about any of it.

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This challenging life situation turned into a

thriving new life for me and two new families were

created with Mitzi and Liesel”.

Bill A -Amazed Client and Tech Guru

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I personally delivered Ilsa to Bill and found loving homes for Mitzi and Liesel.

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Results that Speak Volumes

My client in now happily living in a

wonderful retirement community with a view of Lake Washington.

His belongings were packed and shipped to him. We worked with his realtor to get his house sold and all he needed to do

was sign the papers and collect the


The client was able to focus on his health and wellbeing The client's son was unburdened from the worry about his dad and the responsibility of dealing with the physical aspects of the situation.

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Gratified Clients

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Rachel S

Nothing hits you harder than the storm of an aging parent. What's even worse is most don't know what to do in this storm. The bad advice from friends makes it even worse. So many will tell you what to do and have no knowledge. Therefore, I'm so happy Elizabeth was there for me with her expertise. Her guidance helps with your emotions, the financial and the wellbeing for your parent. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for making this important decision for the one you love.

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Adrina P

I've known and worked with Elizabeth for over 20 years. Her friendly, caring, patient, and professional way of communicating is what led me to approach her about Elder Care planning for my parents and our family. Elizabeth's personal story of what she had done to help her own parents was the tipping point for me. I knew that I wanted to work with her and knew that my parents would feel that she was someone that THEY could trust with delicate, personal information or any fears they might have.

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Joanne F

Elizabeth it was a pleasure working with you and coordinating all of the things necessary to sell Bill's house. You made my job more focused on marketing and negotiating the sale while you handled his personal needs of clearing out the house and moving his belongings. (Something that I most often must do as a service to my clients.)

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Lisa O

Elizabeth is a marvel! We've known her for years and recently she has observed us struggling with everyday household chores and maintenance around our beloved family home. It was hard to admit our worsening health issues were making things more difficult than need be and it became obvious we needed to look to our future. This was not easy as we found ourselves quite resistant to this change...

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Bill A

“You can be totally trusted, and will do the best you can with a wealth of talents that go beyond expectations.”

Our Journey Towards

Life’s Encore Planning

My husband Steve and I have been successful entrepreneurs in the service and sales industry for over 25 years. During that time, we also gained immense knowledge and experience caring for aging parents, and grandparents and raising a son at the same time.

Our experience with Life’s Encore Planning began in 1996 with near-death medical issues for my grandmother, in 2013 downsizing, and a move for my parents and us. Unfortunately, in 2014, my mother's health started to decline, and we have been involved in all aspects of that ever since.

With all my family and I have experienced, I knew we needed to help others along their aging journey. While serving and supporting clients, we have coordinated and implemented;

rightsizing/downsizing, relocating and housing needs, organization, technology, safety and security, medical, in-home care, finances, legal matters, and end-of-life planning.

Caring for and supporting an older loved one is multifaceted. Having a professional by your side to guide you and your loved one is advantageous for success. Our knowledge and expertise will help you avoid the frustration and uncertainties about what comes next and support you and your loved one.


Are you considering hiring Elizabeth with Life’s Encore Planning?

If so, here are some questions you may have and this is how satisfied clients answered.

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You gave me your trust and how did I honor that?

Going through the PODS sent from California to Washington was a final step in the pack and move. There were no surprises in how the units were packed and it was clear the care that was given to every item.t

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Were my services worth what was charged?

I didn't handle the costs, but my Dad who arranged the services has always been happy.

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Was I clear, concise, fully transparent with what I was doing, feel safe and secure with me dealing with sensitive and private documents.

Communications were always clear and timely. As the project drew closer, plans were solidified and shared as needed. All sensitive documents were kept together and labeled properly and given to us to handle specifically.

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Am I quick to respond to requests and am I able to accommodate most requests?

I've never had an issue with waiting for answers from you. Even if the question couldn't be answered right away you would let us know that you were working on it. Never felt unheard.

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How was I to follow up and be accountable for what I promised with my services?

When the project wrapped up, you helped ensure that all needed steps had been taken and anything that remained was clearly understood.

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How was I able to navigate the conversations/relationship between you, your parents and I.

After working with us as much as you did, we considered you extended family (Ohana). The level of trust was that of close family.

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People like you hire me to support you and your loved one

to successfully navigate the aging journey.

It all starts with a free no obligation virtual consultation.

Moving forward with my services may include:

In person consultation

Assessing needs and or updating existing elements for successful aging

Evaluating other professionals needed such as a lawyer, financial planner,

or contractor to meet the targets we want to achieve

Some of you may need a quick one time paid consultation to know what

to do yourself. Others will need months of support for a big project or move.

If you want to share what you’re experiencing

and would like valuable insight?

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You may also email me at

Life’s Encore Planning LLC Resides in Reno Nevada and serves the USA

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