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Are you overwhelmed knowing you need to downsize but do not know where to start?

Worrying about Finances and your Retirement?

You do not have to worry and feel overwhelmed.  Gaining Knowledge and understanding will remove the worry of what is up ahead. 

Lack motivation to finally get that Estate Plan completed and telling yourself you will get to it someday?

Do you want to be motivated, stop procrastinating and being overwhelmed?

When we lack motivation and feel overwhelmed having a support system is vital to overcoming these feeling and moving forward. By creating a plan of action, prioritizing, and making a schedule, brings clarity with tasks in bite size pieces.

Keep your Assets and Control your Finances by creating a Strategic Life Plan now!

A Strategic Life Plan gives you a roadmap so you can decide; what you need to do, where you want to go and how to get there.

Life’s Encore Planning knows how to create a life plan and it is easier than you think.

Now let's slay this dragon that is stressing you out!

The reality is, no matter if we are 20 or 100, we all need a plan in place.

A Life Plan determines who has authority and responsibility to take control if you are unable.

Why do you Need to Create a Life Plan Now?

What if you have a medical crisis. As a result you are unable to handle your financial obligations?

If you were in an accident. For instance, and were unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself, who would make them?

If you don't have a Will or Trust or both, do you understand the difficulty your survivors will face? As a result.

As last year has shown us, you never know when the "s_" will hit the fan.

  • Estate> Legal documents to protect your estate for your heirs.
  • Medical> Medical documents for you and your family to make decisions on your behalf, an Advance Health Care Directive.
  • Financial> Financial Documents all in one place. Documents enabling an assigned person to access in case of emergency or death, a Power of Attorney.
  • Personal>All items related to you specifically that may be needed in an emergency or death; Social Security Card, Medical Cards....
  • Caregiving>Your wishes and how you want to be cared for when you are unable to care for yourself. Do you know how being a care giver will impact your life? Have you thought about what it would be like to have a parent come live with you?


A Health Emergency

In a health emergency who would speak for you if you were unable to?  Do you have that in writing?

Let’s work together on your Life's Plan

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Here are Some of Life's Challenges

End of Life Choices

Questions to Consider

  • End of Life instructions letter regarding wishes not covered in will, such as a memorial service.
  • Have you or your family members discussed and finalized the End of Life decisions?
  • Are the decisions regarding End of Life documented?
  • Have any costs associated with your End of Life decisions paid for?

There are many items to consider. We can help you through this process and make recommendations.

  • Life's Encore Planning will create a plan with all the subjects discussed and decided upon.
  • Give recommendations for Lawyers who specialize in Elder Law.
  • Recommend options for completing the documents yourself and guides for understanding all that needs to be done.
  • We can create a plan for coordinating all the documents, copies, and distribution to the appropriate people.

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Questions to Consider


  • How do you or your family member keep track of appointments?
  • Do you or your family member have list of Doctors, pharmacies, and current or past medical conditions?
  • Have you or your family member given access to medical records through a signed HIPA form with each doctor and facility visited?
  • Is your medical care traditional, holistic, or a combination of both?


  • Is your or your family members current routine for medication dispensing working?


  •  What type of insurance do you or your family member have? Private, Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental, Long Term Care, Life, Pharmaceutical, Vision Care, Dental?
  • If you or your family member were unable to pay for all these services; who and how would someone take over?


There are many items to consider; we can help you through this process and make recommendations.

  • Life's Encore Planning can help with creating, organizing, digitizing, and sharing all appropriate documents.
  • We can help plan and make recommendations for automating all of these.

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  • During a financial or medical crisis is not the time to try to get all your legal documentation in order.
  • Who wants to be in a dusty attic, frantically shuffling through a box of papers.
  • No one wants to be in-line at government offices trying to find or replace a critical document.

This can never be done too soon.

Questions to Consider

  •  Do you or your family member have: A Will, Trust, Durable Financial Power-of-Attorney (financial proxy), Pet Estate Plan, Marriage/Divorce papers, Military records, Birth Certificate, Driver’s license, Social Security Card, Passport?


  • What about a Health care proxy (Durable Health Power-of-Attorney)
  • Authorization to release health-care information, Living Will (Healthcare Directive), personal medical history, Long-Term care insurance policy, Organ donor card, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Medical Records Release, DNR, Insurance card (Medicare, Medicaid, Independent) Financial.
  • List of all bank accounts, pension documents 401(k) information; and annuity contracts, tax returns, partnership and corporate operating agreements
  •  deeds to all property, vehicle title, documentation of loans and debts, including all credit accounts, durable financial power-of-attorney, (financial proxy), savings bonds, stock certificates.
  • Brokerage accounts, life-insurance policies,
  • List of online usernames and passwords.
  • list of safe deposit boxes and the location of their keys?

There are many items to consider; we can help you through this process and give recommendations.

  • Here are just a few situations you may need these documents at the ready.
  • A move to a senior community.
  • Hospitalized
  • Displaced by an emergency or natural disaster.
  • Applies for state, federal or veteran benefits.
  • Sells a home
  • Becomes involved in litigation.


  • Regardless where you are currently with your finances, there will be a multitude of changes that can and will occur in this stage or your life.
  • Is there a financial retirement plan in place?
  • How do you pay the bills: check, mail, online, automatically?
  • What about financial software through the bank or bookkeeping/accounting software/apps?
  • Does someone know how or have legal access to your finances or is designated to do it if are unable to fulfill financial obligations ?
  • Do you have a Financial planner, budget or spreadsheet with all financial obligations?

There are many items to consider

We can help you through this process and make recommendations.

We can help with organizing and automating the finances.

Help with creating a budget or spreadsheet to make it easier for everyone.

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Questions to Consider

  • Do you own or rent?
  • Have you considered or discussed how long to stay in the current residence, a future relocation or move?
  • Do you know there are ways to keep you in your current residence?
  •  Are you open to alternative living conditions such as retirement, assisted living, a roommate, or generational housing?
  • Do your current residence need updates or repairs? Do not put off housing repairs. No one wants to deal with a costly emergency repair.

There are many items to consider

We can help you through this process and make recommendations.

  • We can help with touring, resources and recommendation for future living conditions whether it is in your current home or another.
  • We will help with ways to keep you or your family member safe and in the current residence.
  • It may not be time to move yet, but it may be the time to go through your belongings.
  • There may be heirlooms or other special items you may want to either give away or document who you want them to go to.


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Our lives were turned upside down in 2014 when my mother had a health crisis and her and my dad came to live with us while she received care in California.  What was supposed to be 2 or 3 months ended up being 13 months.  By 2016 my mom was now unable to go back to living in their condo in Washington state.  With my dad being my mom's caregiver, it was left up to me to figure out a new normal for their finances, living situation, and care for my mom.  This was an overwhelming task for me to take on as I had my own very full life.  The added responsibility took away valuable time and energy I would have given to Steve and Aiden.


I'm the husband and the web person and I am the support for Life's Encore Planning not the brains but the Braun.


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